Series 11: Kerblam

Kerblam sees a nice change of pace after the emotion of the last episode in what at first appears a light and breezy story. That’s what I love about this wonderful show- that theres room for different types of story. The opening scenes are so reminiscent of Greatest Show in the Galaxy and in fact this story feels like it could seamlessly slot into one of the McCoy seasons.

The structure of kerblam is well thought out and feels very much like the logical extension of the current way of how these type of companies work. The robots feel suitably creepy and the few guest characters are well fleshed out as the TARDIS crew try to discover what is happening as people meet some grisly ends. We barely get to know poor old Dan! Again it’s nice to see the script lead us one way then take us in another with the reveal of Charlie as the main threat

The questions posed by the story about automation and workplace practices are worthy ones but do feel a bit glossed over towards the end and Kerblam feels like the sort of place that The Doctor wouldn’t let carry on after she’d stopped Charlie’s act of terrorism, it feels like the story needed more time (not the first episode this series I’ve felt that about) though there are some great moments and I really enjoyed the conveyor belt scene and the army of kerblam robots look impressive.

Again another enjoyable episode even if it didn’t quite hit the heights of some of the previous episodes and the interaction between the four regulars continues to delight me and never feels unnatural or forced.

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