Series 11: Demons of the Punjab

Another historical arrives and this one is about a period of history I only had a passing knowledge of. Like all good Doctor Who historical it does a good job of explaining what’s needed to understand the events and make you want to go and find out more after the viewing.

Also it’s good to have Yaz be the focus as she feels a bit left out sometimes because of Graham/Ryan family connection. Yaz’s family feel very natural and I hope we see more of her Nan in the future especially if she meets The Doctor, I get the impression she’s fully aware she met Yaz in the past. The TARDIS team feel even more connected, I love all the references to unseen adventures.

Once we get to the main story of 1947 it really starts to feel so real as Yaz realises theres a whole part of her nan’s past that’s unknown to her and the events of partition as a backdrop to her nan’s first marriage and in among this we get the demons who in typical Who fashion aren’t what they appear. A race of people who remember those who die alone is a wonderful concept and it’s another thing I’d love to see get expanded on in the future, In some ways the story could’ve worked without them and been just as powerful and moving, I feel it’s time for a alien free historical if it’s done as well as this episode or Rosa.

Once they’re established as not being a threat we go back to the main story and the repercussions of Partition on this one small group of people and it’s heartbreaking as you realise there’s only one outcome.

There’s not a bad performance in this episode and yet again it looks beautiful. I really can’t understand people’s problems with this series and in particular episodes like this. Also I have to say that I loved the version of the closing theme

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