Series 11: The Witchfinders

The series heads to its conclusion with another historically set episode and these have been my favourites of this series and this one dosen’t disappoint me.

We get right into the action as the regulars come across a witch trial and we get a lovely Doctorish moment where after telling the others not to interfere she promptly does exactly that. Also we get the interesting premise of The Doctor being ignored because of her sex now shes in a era before equality and this sees her ending up accused of witchcraft which gives a nice different dynamic to The Doctor and her relationships with the people she meets.

King James is a fun character and livens up every scene he’s in, he feels like a well rounded character, I would definitely enjoy seeing him return. His relationship with Ryan is fun to watch and it’s nice to see all the companions getting things to do as they interact with different characters, definitely a story where they all feel well used.

The zombie mud creatures are impressive and the scenes with them in the woods are so wonderfully shot and The Morax looks impressive as it takes over Rebecca and I like the idea of the war criminal army imprisoned in the tree though they were easily dispatched, may have been good to see their threat realised a bit more.

Another great episode and loved the Pertwee quote at the end too

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