Series 11: Arachnids in the UK

This was a story I liked the sound of before it aired and it didn’t disappoint as we reach the obligatory ‘bring the companion home’ episode.

Yaz gets to have a bit of development as we meet her family and it’s a nice change to see The Doctor just introduced as a friend and not some mad alien. It’s also good to see Graham’s grief being addressed and dealt with in a way that feels real.

The threat of the spiders is built up nicely and the scenes in the flat are nice and creepy including a grisly death with a few more to follow to help build the tension including poor Kevin!

The reason for the giant spiders makes sense and definitely makes the story feel like a spiritual successor to The Green Death.

Jack Robinson is a character very loosely sketched but one we all recognize. It feels like his story isn’t over, hopefully we get to see The Doctor lock horns with him again and maybe he’ll be a bit more fleshed out. The episode kind of fizzled out a bit with no big confrontation between The Doctor and Jack.

The episode looks as stunning as the previous ones, the show looks better than it has ever done, Jodie’s Doctor continues to impress me, she gets to have some lovely Doctorish moments showing her eccentric, compassionate and moral side, I really don’t understand the hate she gets, she’s playing a lighter Doctor than the Peter Capaldi but feels very simliar to both David Tennant and Matt Smith.

The ending with the four regulars was one I enjoyed, yet again it feels like four real people having a proper conversation with The Doctor treating them with respect and not just whisking them away, I hope we get a few years of this team!

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