Series 11: The Tsuranga Conundrum

Time for a Base under siege story and the first story of this season to feel average, I think some of the reason it feels that way to me is that the Pting’s design undermines its threat looking very Slitheenish, maybe if it looked a bit more feral or dirty it would’ve worked.

I enjoyed the beginning on the junk planet as once more we got some nice interplay between the regulars and the idea of the hospital ship under attack is a good one but takes a while to get going spending too long on The Doctor moaning which could’ve been spent fleshing out the guest characters a bit more as they feel a bit bland.

The conclusion though works better than the last story with the two threats being dealt with in a neat way and yet again the show looks wonderful.

Five episodes in to get the first one I found average is a good batting rate as every series has the odd average story and average Who can still be bettor than a lot of other TV.

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