Terrance Dicks: 1935-2019

Sadly today we learnt that Terrance Dicks had passed away and among fan websites and social media there has been an outpouring of tributes and I feel I should add mine.

My first book I actively bought was The Three Doctors, I bought it because Jeff Cummins beautiful cover drew me in and my child logic felt a book with three Doctors was bound to be three times as exciting and I wasn’t disappointed, Terrance’s prose drew me in and I was hooked on reading, I then discovered I had lots of books to catch up on telling me stories I never thought I would get to experience.

I haven’t stopped buying books since and all that is because of Terrance Dicks showing me that getting lost in a book was one of life’s joys. I know everyone is saying this but that’s because there’s a whole generation of fans who treasured our dog eared target books and I’m sure there are plenty of writers who started on their paths because of Terrance.

Also his contribution to the TV show shouldn’t be overlooked, his fingerprints are on everything over the 1969-75 period, along with Barry Letts he ensured Doctor Who would habe longevity and not just become a cult 60’s half forgotten gem.

Probably my favourite of his contributions was The Five Doctors, I was 7 when it aired and it was the most exciting story and even more thrilling was having the novelisation to read straight after, I can still quote huge chunks of it and it’s my ultimate Doctor Who comfort watch

Thankyou Terrance.

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