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Season 6: The Krotons-The War Games


Like many fans my age The Krotons would’ve been my first Troughton story thanks to the ’81 repeat.  As a young child I loved it. It kept me hooked and I immediately warmed to Troughton. Watching it now I still enjoy it, yep the monsters are a bit rubbish but it rattles along and never bores.
Next up is Seeds of Death which thanks to the mid eighties video release is another that I remember from childhood thanks to renting it many times. The Ice Warriors made a impression on me and became a firm favourite of mine. Again the regulars are wonderful and make things beliveable and the story keeps my interest and I love the shots of the Ice Warrior coming over the common.
The Space Pirates comes next and rivals The Dominators in the boredom stakes. Theres the occasional bit of good dialogue and the models look good but it bloody drags on.
The War Games rounds off things in style, it was often dismissed as 9 crap episodes by fans when I was younger.  How wrong they were! The story never feels as long as it is and is full of great characters. It’s such a joy to watch. Then we get to the final episode and we finally meet the Time Lords and learn the Doctor ran away from home. The final moments are very poignant as Jamie and Zoe are mindwiped and sent home and those final scenes of Troughton being forced into regeneration are suitably spooky.
So ends the Troughton era and whilst it’s a lot less varied than the Hartnell era (especially in the fifth season) this is what undeniably cemented the show’s future. Hopefully more missing episodes will turn up because much of Troughton’s performance is in his body language and facial expressions which obviously don’t come across on audio or recons.

Season 6: The Dominators-Invasion


Season 6 does have a bit more variety than its predecessor but starts with The Dominators which unfortunately is just boring.  The villans are just one note morons and the natives are dull. The Quarks are a silly attempt to create a cash cow and as such fail miserably. Thankfully the production team cut it by a episode.
The other benefit of that cut is it necessitated a extra episode to be added to The Mind Robber and Derrick Sherwin’s Episode 1 is just wonderful full of great imagery particularly the void and the TARDIS breaking up. The other 4 episodes are also good and rattle along nicely with some lovely interplay between the three regulars especially Zoe who becomes a much warmer character here.
Invasion is next and this has been a big favourite of mine since I first saw the video back in ’93. This is very much the pilot for the Pertwee era and we get a Lethbridge-Stewart who’s a bit softer than previously but still very much in charge. Kevin Stoney gives a great performance as Vaughn just staying the right side of OTT. The Cybermen are far in the background but better and more menacing for it. Those iconic shots at St Pauls still look marvellous and you can see why the last Capaldi series wanted to recreate them.