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Season 10


It’s time for a anniversary as the show reaches it’s tenth year and we get a celebration with both Patrick Troughton and William Hartnell returning for Tge Three Doctors and how wonderful it is to see them again. Even Hartnell’s small role is appreciated and the interplay between Troughton and Pertwee is wonderful with Troughton completely upstaging Pertwee and there’s some wonderful scenes with The Brigadier. Fittingly for a anniversary story we learn a bit more about The Doctor’s background and meet Omega, a tragic deranged  figure who just wants to go home. This story is so enjoyable even with the shambling jelly monsters!
Carnival of Monsters is next and is a big favourite of mine. Robert Holmes gives us a excellent story and we get another alien planet and the miniscope gives us Drashigs, a good one off monster who actually look reasonably convincing. There’s good design work too especially when The Doctor and Jo are wandering around inside the machine.
Frontier in Space follows and we get a future set space opera that I quite like despite it being a series of capture-imprison-escape scenes. The Draconians are a very well realised alien race, they look good and are fully rounded characters. It’s a shame we didn’t get them back. This is also Roger Delgado’s last apperance as The Master before his untimely death and he’s as good as normal though sadly just fades away.
Planet of the Daleks or as I like to call it Terry Nation’s Greatest Hits comes next but theres nothing wrong with that and it feels comfortable watching and after all this was made to be watched once by  children unlikely to have watched during Hartnell’s time. Strange that this was the story BBC 1 chose to repeat for the 30th anniversary though!
The Green Death is the finale of the season and gives us a pure UNIT story for the first time in a while and you can see why it’s so fondly remembered.  It’s a cracking story with a good beliveable menace in both the amoral company, it’s owners and the maggots and we get to see Jo really come into her own as she moves on from The Doctor. That last shot of The Doctor in Bessie driving off is beautiful too. This story feels very similar to the season finales we get today, more proof that the older series could do emotional and epic stories too.

Season 8


Season 8 continues the earthbound theme with a noticeably softer UNIT and the introduction of The Master played wonderfully by Roger Delgado with the right mixture of charm, wit and meglomania.
Terror of the Autons kicks things off and is a more colourful cartoony version of Spearhead but I like it and it has some good death scenes particularly the chair. Jo is suitably ditzy and easy to warm to but Liz is missed. Yet another companion who just vanishes.
Mind of Evil comes next and has clearly escaped from season 7. It’s a lovely gritty thriller with a great cast and a good central threat as people’s fears are turned against them. The Master fits in well too. Also what a joy to finally watch this in colour when the dvd was released.
Claws of Axos follows and its bristling with ideas. The Axons look good and their plot to play on mans greed is inspired and very easy to believe and oh look here’s The Master again and he’s in over his head again!
Colony in Space is a story I’ve never been overly keen on but watching the series chronologically I’m glad to see it as it’s good to get off Earth and away from UNIT( after   39 episodes), variety is the spice of life. The story isn’t anything orginal  but it just feels right seeing The Doctor on a alien planet, unfortunately including The Master is just predictable and so unlikely it streches credibility.
We conclude with the fan favourite The Daemons and it’s a cracking story. The regulars are all on form as are the guests.  Azael is a good credible threat and The Master feels a natural part of the story.

Season 7


So we reach the Pertwee era and he comes crashing down to Earth with Spearhead from Space. Unlike Troughton’s debut The new doctor takes a back seat in the first episode and The Brigadier is the lead character. It’s such a good story that you don’t notice and once The Doctor gets involved he’s centre of the action. The Autons are great villans and are suitably menacing.
The Silurians are next and are another beliveable race. It’s a great story full of great characters who are fully rounded and have understandable motives. It never feel overlong and the London plague scenes are done very well.
The Ambassadors of Death also is a good story once again populated by good characters. I love the music on this story and parts of the story feel like a gritty 70’s cop show. The dvd was the first time I saw this in colour and it was strange after so many years watching my ropey black and white ukgold copy. B&W suited this story but I must say the job the dvd guys do on the restorations are wonderful and Dr Who fans are so lucky to have this much care and attention put into them.
Inferno rounds the season off and it’s another cracker once again full of great characters and a beliveable menace. Frackers beware!
The direction on location is beautifully bleak and eirrie. The alternative reality characters are also realised well and we get a genuine end of the world scenario for once.
Season 7 remains a firm favourite despite it being the most unWhoish season because it has strong scripts that are realised on screen wonderfully.