Series 11: The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos

So here is the finale to the first Jodie series and we get what must be the most ludicrous episode title and one I can never remember off the top of my head and this is a finale that while bringing all the threads of the series together and gives us a epic world ending finale

Theres another great opening scene that gets the interest going followed by another great opening with the regulars and their reactions on seeing the villain they met first feel real and natural, Graham’s hatred in particular feels real and understandable and gives us the chance to see another side of him and puts him on a potential collision course with The Doctor, his eventual decision not to take revenge shows how far he’s come on his travels in the TARDIS.

Theres plenty of plot here and it all makes sense between Tim Shaw, The Ux and the plan to destroy Earth. Despite people saying it dosen’t feel epic there are high stakes and the confrontation Tim Shaw has with The Doctor is great as she mixes humour, anger and disgust in equal measure, she totally stands well alongside her predecessors though it feels right that The Doctor solves the big Earth threatening problem and convinces the Ux to undo the damage they did it’s the perfect ending that Tim Shaw is undone by Graham and Ryan who get justice the right way. I hope we get to see The Stenza again, I feel they could easily become a good recurring monster race.

So ends Series 11 and it’s one I thoroughly enjoyed. There wasn’t one truly terrible story and I loved several particularly Rosa, Witchfinders, Demons and Woman who fell which I feel will be regarded as top drawer stories in years to come. Jodie is a excellent Doctor and to me she feels like the same character I’ve followed for 40 years. The series felt so fresh and was a good contrast to what came immediately before (which is what each era needs to do). I don’t want to keep mentioning the small subsection of fandom who relentlessly criticise for no other reason that I can see except for the fact we now have a female doctor but I feel the more they moan the more they show themselves up for the sexist idiots they clearly are but it’s become so boring having to listen to the same unconstructive criticism on every comment about the show. I’ll end more positively by also mentioning the look and sound of this series, I don’t think Doctor Who has ever looked so cinematic, every episode was so spectacular to watch and the music has also been amazing, its felt so in keeping with the stories and I have to say the new version of the theme is my favourite of all the new versions.

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