Series 11: It Takes You Away

This story was probably my least liked of Series 11 on the original showings, my impression at the time was that it just meandered along from set piece to set piece.

Theres no doubting though that it looks stunning, theres not one bad looking episode in this series and I loved the opening scenes with Jodie being very Doctorish with the soil eating and talk of sheep rebellions, also again there’s great character interplay between all four regulars, they’re clearly by this point four friends who all enjoy each others company, to me this feels the most real doctor/companions relationship since Donna’s time on the show.

It still feels disjointed as a episode and I wonder if stuff was cut to make it flow a bit better. The house under siege parts are nice and creepy especially with the mirror and the inbetween world but it feels underused and only dangerous when convenient for the plot to move the characters between worlds.

The highlight is once in the mirrorworld and we get to see Graham reunited with what he thinks is Grace and has to deal with his loss, guilt and grief all over again. It’s a strong performance from both actors and also leads to the lovely moment at the end where Ryan finally calls him Grandad

The end confrontation is good between The Doctor and the alien force as she willingly sacrifices herself to ensure one man’s safety, how anyone can say shes not Doctorish after these kind of moments amazes me. Obviously the end moments come in for stick because of the talking frog but to me it’s so wonderfully typical for Doctor Who and in keeping with the slight kitsch nature of the show so ignore the frog and listen to the dialogue instead.

So while I think it’s not as bad as I remembered it still feels the weakest story of the series but was still a enjoyable way to spend 45 minutes, As has been often said even below par Doctor Who is better than a lot of other TV.

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