56th Anniversary

Today is the 56th anniversary of this wonderful show we all love and we get a spectacular trailer for the upcoming series to mark it at the end of a week that’s started to ramp up the excitement for 2020.

It started brilliantly with that moving moment on Children in Need with Jodie surprising a young fan reminding us all that this is a children’s show and they are the most important part of the audience. The magic of that will stay with that young girl forever and anyone who moaned about it can jog on!

Then we get some guest star reveals and news that Chris Chibnall is already working on series 13, I tweeted that with news of this anyone who keeps moaning about “woke,PC, anti-man dr who” needs to stop watching, stop moaning and move on other things. Constantly hearing their whiny crap after every positive tweet or news story is so wearing and boring.

As for the trailer itself I loved it, was enough of a tease to whet my appetite and it looks as if series 12 is going to be as good as the last one

1 thought on “56th Anniversary

  1. We did not get the Children in Need bit! I wonder if it’s only in the UK?

    I think this trailer looks more exciting & gripping than last season. Either way I can’t wait! I love this Doctor and her Team TARDIS! 🙂

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