40 Years of DWM

So today marks the 40th anniversary of the wonderful Doctor Who Magazine, Sadly I didn’t read from the beginning and somehow missed its existence until I chanched upon Issue 90, by this time I’d been a Who fan for several years and the Radio Times 20th Anniversary Special was a treasured and much read item so discovering I could have something similar every month was amazing to me.

I have bought every issue since without fail as well as the various specials and over the years have managed to find the first 89 issues and various specials from those first five years and in some strange symmetry found the last handful of missing ones in a charity shop a few months ago which has given me the urge to start rereading at 1

It’s amazing that the magazine manages to find new things to say or show us new things (the recent Tom dressed as Jon pics for example) and is a testament to the wonderful people who work or have worked on the mag.

It also always seems to represent the best and positive side of fandom and even when critical never seemed to step into being nasty, this was especially appreciated by my young self during the 80’s when other fanzines were telling me that the show and stories I liked were horrible and implying we weren’t real fans for liking it (Sadly some things stay the same!)

Like many fans of my age I’m able to say the magazine has been a constant presence and now I’m old and boring I look forward to new DWM day and sitting with a big mug of tea, putting my feet up and devouring the latest issue.

Here’s to 40 more years and hoping I’ll still be reading then as a very old man!

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