Series 11: Rosa

So Series 11 is following the old pattern of a historical setting for the 3rd episode but unlike some previous stories we’re not being taken far back and it’s certainly not going to be the jolly old runaround we normally get.

The four regulars have settled in nicely and there’s some lovely interplay and moments of humor between them, it’s lovely to have three companions who feel like proper everyday people who just get caught up with The Doctor.

It’s good to see the episode doesn’t shy away from the realities of the setting or using the derogatory language of the time or try to pretend it’s all different now The reality of the setting makes me as a viewer far more worried for Ryan than I have been before and you feel Graham’s heartbreak as he realises he has to be part of the history on the bus.

Some people use this as a example of this series being “too woke” (whilst somehow missing the fact the show always has been) whilst ignoring the fact that this episode is never boring or preachy and is a wonderful piece of drama that just happens to have the odd bit of sci-fi in it and I think it will end up being one of the highlights of Jodie’s time.

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