Series 11: The Woman Who Fell to Earth

So finally after months of waiting Jodie’s Doctor has arrived and how refreshing that nobody barely knew a thing before transmission, I have tried to avoid spoilers every series but this was by far the easiest to do that, personally I think not knowing is a better way of viewing.

The episode opens with us meeting the new companions and immediately I warmed to them, they felt real to me and I liked that there were connections between them so they weren’t just three random strangers though sure it’s not just me that wished Grace was also going to be part of the regular cast.

Jodie’s entrance is handled well enough and she instantly feels Doctorish to me particularly in the sonic screwdriver creation scenes and whilst talking to the alien. I’m sure anyone who had genuine doubts about a female doctor have been won over (sadly the loud obnoxious male doctor only minority are a lost cause)

The story itself is slight but then that’s as it should be for a introductory episode, Doctor Who is full of homages and this time it’s the turn of Predator. The alien design is a nice one and wearing the teeth is a good touch and I have a feeling we may see them again, at least Chris Chibnall is keeping good to his promise that we get new monsters.

The show looks so good too, it feels very cinematic and grand in places though not quite as colourful as I maybe expected from the promo images.

Then we end with that wonderful new version of the theme kicking in, it feels fresh but so near to the original at the same time.

How lovely to have my favourite show back and on such great form, these next nine weeks are going to be fun.

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