So over the last few weeks we’ve had a lovely teaser during the World Cup, wonderful promo images, the comic con panels and trailer. It’s starting to feel like we’re close to the return.

Allthough I’ve looked forward to every series as it’s arrived this one feels so fresh and different. I’m genuinely excited like a small kid again and from the little I’ve seen I have a feeling we’re about to enter a golden age of Doctor Who. I’m feeling all this from the little we’ve seen, Jodie just feels very Doctorish to me and it’s been so refreshing to not have to make a big effort to avoid spoilers for once.

Sadly there still seems to be a small section of fandom who are dead set against a female doctor and cross the line in how they express this particularly to the female fans. It seems they’ve missed the central message of the character they claim to love. Hopefully they’re a minority who will shrink even more once the show airs and everyone takes Jodie to their hearts.

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