Twice Upon A Time

So we come to the end of Peter Capaldi’s too short time as The 12th Doctor which also serves as the end of Steven Moffat’s time in charge.

This feels very much like a epilogue rather than a story in it’s own right and on reflection I think it’s a shame they didn’t hold the final 2 episodes over until Christmas and we could’ve had a epic 3 nights of Who over the Christmas weekend. I suspect on rewatching in the future I’ll put all three episodes together.

  It’s a nice little story and seeing the first Doctor realise what he will become gives some great scenes though without wishing to jump on the bandwagon his sexism seems wrong, The first Doctor was never that overtly sexist and it seems the writing is confusing the character with the original actor, they should’ve stuck with jokes about guitars and Sonics similar to what they did with John Hurt’ s Doctor. Thankfully these bits are kept to a minimum.

The idea of The Testimony is a good one and whilst seeing the wonderful Bill Potts again is very welcome for one second when the first Doctor is offered to see her again I thought Susan was going to appear.Having said that Bill is marvellous and although the twist is obvious Pearl Mackie sales the whole thing well. The Captain is a bit of a one note character but it’s nice to enable Mark Gattis to have a goodbye role and channel his inner Brigadier.

The dangling good Dalek thread being picked up was a pleasant surprise and I loved seeing the old console room, it just feels so timeless and the opening morph from Hartnell to Bradley is also wonderful. David Bradley does a good job of portraying the first Doctor and captures many of the mannerisms that Hartnell used. How wonderful too that we get clips of black & white Hartnell broadcast on Christmas Day in 2017 and it just feels right. I’m hoping the blu ray may include some extra recreated Tenth Planet scenes too.

Then we come to the conclusion as the Testimony enables The Doctor to say goodbye to his three companions and he gets all his memories of Clara back though yet again Matt Lucas steals the scene. They give Capaldi some nice speeches to round things off even if they feel like he’s staying the obvious (I took it to mean learn from his mistake of starting off mean and rude!). Peter Capaldi has been a truly wonderful Doctor and one who I feel will be looked back on with much fondness and it’s sad to see him go.

Jodie’s short scene is good, I loved the fade from his eyes to hers and the “oh brilliant” line with such a look of glee is instantly Doctorish. I eagerly await her first episode though I think The Doctor needs to stop regenerating in-flight!

Is it the Autumn yet? 

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