Deborah Waiting 1948-2017

Sadly Deborah Waiting who played Victoria passed away today. Victoria was part of a classic TARDIS team in the sixties and was part of some of the she’s high points.

My first memory of Victoria comes from that striking target book cover of The Ice Warriors and seeing her constantly referred to as the screaming companion back in the 80’s when I was discovering the she’s past. Unfortunately back then none of her stories existed in their entirety and unlike today there was no easy way to watch the orphaned episodes so my first time seeing her in action was 1992 when Tomb was returned and released on video. I was immediately struck by the chemistry between the three leads and her performance is so sweet especially in that wonderful quiet scene between her and Patrick talking about loss.

Since then we’ve been lucky to have 3 further adventures released on DVD and the others are there on audio so we can all enjoy her performances. I was never fortunate enough to meet her but listening to commentaries and watching dvd interviews made me feel like I had, she always seemed so down to earth, full of humour and friendly and today’s outpouring of tweets in tribute to her seen to back that up.

Doctor Who was lucky to have her.

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