Jodie Whittaker is The 13th Doctor

So a few hours ago thousands of Doctor Who fans sat through a tennis match waiting for the reveal listening  intently for Sue Barker to mention the word Doctor (and being disappointed when she did but only in reference to one of the players! ) I like also to think of tennis fans watching bemused as instead of hearing continued analysis they suddenly see the small promo! 

Then we get the short shot of a figure walking through a forest. I looked intently sure (and hopeful) that it was a woman and as she was revealed I gave a sigh of relief and a big smile.

Jodie Whittaker is completely the right choice. She just looked right as she turned round, instantly feeling Doctorish and now I can’t imagine any other person being revealed and can’t wait for Season 11.

Inevitably there has been the predictable response from a small minority decrying her swearing they won’t watch anymore but good riddance, I’m positive we have many new fans waiting in the wings.

 I tweeted earlier that anyone who has a problem with this has missed the point of the show. The show has always preached about acceptance and tolerance but some fans seem to overlook this. Also how great that a generation of little girls are going to have a heroine and role model and the little boys watching will also think strong women are the norm and always to be respected.

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