Series 10: Empress of Mars

So we come to what is now the annual Mark Gattis episode and after his polarizing episode last year (which I liked then and enjoyed even more upon rewatching) he’s very much on safer ground with a very traditional Doctor Who romp. In a interview I read he said he wanted to evoke those bank holiday movie memories with this story and that’s exactly what he’s done here 

The pre credit scene is nice and made me smile and once we go back to Mars 1881 it looks wonderful. The interactions between the three regulars continue to impress me, they feel like the most natural team in a long while.

Victorians on Mars is such a obvious idea but it works wonderfuly. They’re all stock characters but that works as we know them instinctively so can sketch them out ourselves

The Ice Warriors look as great as in Cold War from a few years ago and the Ice Queen evokes the Ice Lords from the earlier stories. The Ice Warriors have always been a favourite of mine probably thanks to the many watches of the Seeds of Death video back when I was a kid.  Hopefully we’ll get more stories with them as there’s so much untapped potential in then. The update of their death Ray is excellent and very memorable while still feeling respectful to the classic series. The resolution feels right and fits in with the little we know of the Martian culture and what a joy to see Alpha Centuri at the end.

Mark Gattis also commented that this may be his last episode as he thinks we’ll be getting new blood and if so that’s a shame but he’s going out with a lovely fun adventure that I recommend we all watch on rainy bank holidays

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