Series 10: Oxygen

Another cracker here. Love Capaldi’s opening voiceover too, sets the mood greatly. This story is the first one where Nardole has more than a cameo and the three of them make a wonderful TARDIS team and I find myself sad that we’re not going to get a nice long run with them. Their banter is great and they compliment each other well, I could watch a whole episode with just the three of them.

Oxygen as a commodity owned by the rich and sold to the poor until they stop being productive and efficent is certainly something I can see happening in the future! Capaltism in Space as The Doctor puts it. The dead walking are suitably creepy and make a good visible threat.  The scene with Bill exposed to the vacuum is shot so well and good to see saving her has repercussions for the Doctor which will last longer than the end of the episode.

Bill’s  “death” is also handled well, her last moments feel completely in keeping with her character and works in motivating The Doctor to end things by holding the company to ransom. The story concludes in a very similar way to The Rebel Flesh with a unseen uprising which at least is satisfying.

This story is probably the slightest of the series so far but still very enjoyable in part due to the great chemistry of the three regulars.

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