Series 10: Thin Ice

Unfortunately a house move means I’m very behind  so will try to catch up.

Thin Ice is another cracker and I’m absolutely loving The Doctor and Bill’s relationship with her continuing to ask all the questions we would about time travelling and I loved the Doctor joking with her. It feels like they’re having proper conversations

The Ice fair looks wonderful and very atmospheric and whilst not a lot happens in the first ten minutes I found myself not minding. It kicks into action with the boys death and Bill’s reactions to it, again she confronts a element of The Doctor’s lifestyle that is often overlooked or brushed under the carpet. Bill definitely feels the most well rounded companion since Donna all those years ago.

I loved the bit where The Doctor strolls into the workhouse, it has a very classic series vibe to it as he finds everything out. Then we come to the scene with Sutcliffe which caused some outrage for The Doctor punching him for his attitudes towards Bill. I don’t understand people’s problem with this, The Doctor’s always defended his friends and although he’s rarely physically violent there are incidents all the way through the show.

The end comes and it’s  all in Bill’s hands as she decides to save the enslaved creature and in turn also saves the street children.

Nardole gets a small cameo to end the episode along with the vault subplot and he is impressing me far more than I thought and has improved since the comedy throwaway of Husbands.

In short this was a good story that although the threat is slight the joy comes from the characters interactions. It’s 3 out of 3 enjoyable stories so far. 

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