Series 10: The Pilot

So we finally get Series 10 and it’s bittersweet now we know the brilliant Peter Capaldi is leaving and we get one of the shows periodical soft reboots.

The main thrust of the story is the new companion Bill played by Pearl Mackie and she’s wonderful, a great character played by a fantastic actress, it’s such a breath of fresh air to have a companion with no complicated mysterious back story. The chemistry between her and Peter is immediate too.

I got a Shada vibe from the set up of The Doctor as a university lecturer and totally fits the character and it’s a surprise it’s took this long to put him in that set up. Nardole is very much a supporting character and like the recent Christmas special he’s much more subdued.

The Bill and Heather relationship seems a little rushed but that couldn’t be helped as it needs to be to get to the main danger of the story as Bill gets dragged into The Doctor’s world. It’s refreshing to see Bill’s sexual its dealt with so matter of fact lyrics which is quite correct and it’s been so lovely seeing people on twitter so pleased to feel represented in a show they love. The idea of sentient engine oil looking for someone who wants to leave is a good one and enables The Doctor to defeat it easily enough enabling us to continue getting to know Bill.

The obligatory “it’s bigger on the inside” scene is actually amusing and I loved Bill’s reactions and comments. The interplay between the three regulars is excellent and the dialogue sparkles, I hope there’s more of this throughout the series. 

Then we get some Dalek action after all no reboot is complete without them! We even get a glimpse of the Movellans in a bit of pure fan service.

The resolution of the story is simple and effective as poor old Bill loses Heather, let’s hope she has more luck with the next one. 

That was a excellent series opener and I’m looking forward to the rest of the series, I just wish Peter Capaldi was staying for longer.

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