The Return of Doctor Mysterio

Know this may be unpopular with some sections of fandom but this story is very enjoyable and was perfect for Christmas Day.

As a comic fan too I was worried about the mix with Doctor Who but those concerns were soon removed as the show deals with the topic as it has with every other fantasy genre.

The opening scenes with the young Grant and the Doctor are pure joy to watch, Peter Capaldi just oozes charm and Doctorness  (is that even a word) which makes it even more of a shame we’ve only got one more series with him. I do laugh at the Spiderman scene every time I watch.

Once the story gets to present day it doesn’t lose any of it’s charm and ticks all the superhero boxes. Steven Moffat mentioned the 1978 Superman movie was his touchstone while writing it and it definitely shows especially the Grant/Lucy scenes.

Like various other stories over the years the alien menace is almost secondary which is a pity as they’re suitably creepy and it’s a good concept (basically a more gruesome cross between the Slitheen and the Autons). Hopefully they’ll crop up again

The fun nature is punctuated with the odd moment of melancholy as The Doctor remembers his last moments with River and Capaldi plays these moments so wonderfully.

Matt Lucus is more subdued here and Nardole works well and has a nice dynamic with The Doctor, After this story I find myself looking forward to him appearing in the next series

The series 10 trailer looks excellent too.  Really excited for the new series and have successfully managed to avoid spoilers (except the big ones everyone knows ofcourse) so sure I have lots to look forward to!

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