Farewell Peter

So it was announced on Monday that Peter Capaldi is leaving after the next series. I have to be honest that this felt inevitable. Three seasons over four years seems to be the norm now. All four lead actors since the relaunch have all commented at various times how long, hard and stressful a series shoot is, after all unlike most series the lead carries at least 75% of most episodes.

I have loved Peter’s Doctor straight from the scene at the end of Time of the Doctor. In fact I think I automatically liked him from his announcement.

His first series proved me completely correct. I took to his Doctor straight away (I realise that I prefer my Doctors with a bit of attitude) and he made every episode watchable regardless of content. 

The great thing is although all us fans are lamenting his Doctor we still have 13 episodes left to enjoy and who knows where his Doctor will go before the end (I did hear a lovely idea on twitter from @MagicBeliever93 that his last act should be flying back to save Gallifrey in Day of the Doctor which feels very Moffatesque) 

Now the inevitable flurry of next Doctor nominees is starting and I’ll put my hat in the ring and suggest Hayley Attwell, it’s time for a female Doctor and if I’m honest none of the male actors mentioned in any of these lists interest me as much as many of the female ones. It would also be a way to reinvigorate the press and the casual viewer into watching what to them will be a 13 year old show by that time. My only worry is hearing the 2018 series will be shown in the Autumn again which I feel is a mistake if they shunt it around the time slot like 2016. It needs a definite time slot for the whole run and at a time the whole family can watch- this is a large part of why Doctor Who was a success for its first 6 years.

In closing I’ll go back to the present and thank Peter Capaldi for being a fantastic Doctor who I know I’ll be rewatching for years to come.

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