The Husbands of River Song

Finally got round to rewatching this. Unfortunately real life got in the way, I haven’t seen this since the orginal transmission and I found it quite charming.

Peter Capaldi and Alex Kingston have a good chemistry and I do love the scene when he pretends to be amazed by the TARDIS, in fact all their scenes together are great topped by that lovely last scene. River seems much more of a real character here as she’s allowed to be more than a series of catchphrases. These does seem to be the perfect end to her story and lovely symmetry that she goes from this meeting with the oldest Doctor she knows back to meeting the youngest. The idea she nicks the TARDIS while the Doctor is busy having adventures is also one I quite like.

The other story involving Matt Lucas and Greg Davies is very slight as you would expect as its essentially the B plot but gives a few chuckles and I liked the look of both the aliens in the resturant. I’m not quite sure how Matt will be back for Series 10 but hopefully they will give him more of a character than he had here.

So this belated post means I’ve now watched from An Unearthly Child to Husbands of River Song and have loved doing it (even Time Flight! ) and fortunately don’t have long to wait for new stories and before that we have the excitement of the Power of the Daleks animation which hopefully leads to more. Maybe it’s time to start buting the Big Finish audios in earnest 🙂

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