Series 9: Hell Bent


So we come to the series finale and the first part is just simply wonderful.  Who would’ve thought we could have such a fantastic episode with just The Doctor.
The script is wonderful and probably Steven Moffat’s finest and anyone who dosen’t like Peter Capaldi after this acting masterclass clearly is deranged.  He puts so much depth and emotion into this episode. I was so swept up in it I barely noticed it was a one hander. I liked the concept of the castle and The Doctor spending billions of years escaping. 
The second episode is a  more traditional series finale and Gallifrey is back as is Clara though the Gallifrey plotline isn’t as prominent as I thought it would be but maybe that’s been left for the next series particularly Rassilon.  I did like the part with the soldiers refusing to kill The Doctor who was their war hero and liked the concept of the matrix room and the sliders.
This is more about Clara who gets another farewell episode, whilst I do think Fear the Raven was a good end for her it was good to see the resolution of the recklessness of her relationship with The Doctor though I’m not quite sure about Clara and Me together being a good idea, reckon they will wreck havoc but I loved seeing the classic white control room revisited.
I must say I loved Series 9 and think it’s probably my favourite series of the 21st century and Capaldi has really nailed it as The Doctor, there’s not one thing wrong with his portrayal and I hope he sticks around after Moffat leaves.

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