500 Wonderful issues of DWM


The above image is the first issue I bought (or rather had bought for me) all those years ago and I’ve not missed a issue since (and managed to go back and find all the previous issues)
Back then video was in it’s infancy so watching old stories wasn’t possible and there were only the target novelisations to read so the magazine seemed like a treasure trove of photos and articles about the past of the show which to my very young mind seemed very mythical.
I was 9 at the time of finding my first issue and can remember at the time being allowed a weekly comic by my grandmother and bartering with her to stop getting that and have the monthly instead which she agreed and so the Saturday she got it for me was always the one I looked forward to. Expect everyone else did too as I would be quiet in a corner reading and rereading it!
Strangely it’s still the same now except I settle down with a big mug of tea to read the latest issue and my housemate comments that it’s my quietest moment!
Even during the times in my life when money was tight I allowed it to be a monthly treat and it kept going through those long years when there was no show, always managing to find something new or interesting to say about the show. I even managed to get a letter published once which was a real thrill to see my name in my favourite magazine.
So earlier today I sat down (with a large mug of tea ofcourse) and read 500 and the extra magazine which was a wonderful nostalgic walk down memory lane, amazingly seeing those covers kept bringing back memories and a fascinating read about the magazines history.
Then onto 500 itself. What a great cover and good to come full circle. I also enjoyed the other mock ups of the other anniversary covers.
What a wonderful issue and so lovely to read a William Hartnell interview but saddened to read that it may be Tom’s last as he is always good value but very fitting that he has involvement as he was there back at the start.
The comic strip was wonderful too. Quite right to celebrate it as it’s a integral part of the magazine and has provided some excellent stories (Iron Legion, Tides of Time, Dogs of War, Voyager, Worldshapers, Planet of the Dead, The Flood and Hunters of the Burning Stone to name a few of the top of my head) It was lovely to see new Dave Gibbons art too.
The other features all excellent too and very interesting.  The quality is as high as ever and I look forward to 500 more of this superb magazine.


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