Series 9: Fear the Raven


At first I wasn’t sure if this is Part 1 of 3 or not but upon rewatching I don’t think so. It definitely deserves to be talked about on it’s own.
It’s a nice little episode full of some good ideas. The idea of the trap street sanctuary for aliens is a good one and reminded me of one of the old virgin novels (Return of the Living Dad) and it’s good to see someone thinking of what happens after The Doctor leaves. The characters Me and Rigsy return and both are good to see even though Me feels more like a minor character in this and I’m afraid I never quite believe the character is as old as she’s meant to be, Maisie is a good actress but sadly dosen’t quite pull it off.
Rigsy on the other hand gets a great role and feels much more rounded, I’d like to see him again in the next series.
The story ends with Clara’s death and it feels like the natural end for her as her recklessness gets her killed. Her story is complete and this really should have been her end. I do like Clara but definitely feel her return undermines a good ending.

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