The Joy of Target



I’ve blogged about my viewing habits but a big part of my fandom growing up in the eighties was the wonderful Target novelisations.
Last night a gallery opened a two week showing of many of the original covers along with a new selection of reprints being released and seeing the pictures on twitter got me feeling very nostalgic.
The reason I’ve used Jeff Cummins art for The Three Doctors above was that it was my first book. I remember visiting the local shopping centre with my father and in one shop seeing a rack of Dr Who books and was allowed two of them. I immediately picked this one up, a chance to read a story with the three earliest Doctors and that wonderful cover just jumped out at me even if I thought Troughton’s Doctor looked a bit scary to the young me. It’s still my favourite cover from the range.
The other choice was harder and I agonised over that eventually plumping for Four to Doomsday as I wanted to read a Davison story.
That shop got visited so regularly and I think I probably got known as the dr who kid.
My other favourite target memory is from the 20th anniversary when after finishing watching The Five Doctors my father produced the book as a surprise present (He’d not given it before to avoid temptation!  )
I understand with dvds and iplayer why they never did them for the 21st century series but I still think it’s a shame.


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