Welcome Bill


So the next companion was introduced with a small clip in the half time portion of the football.  Pearl MacKie is the actress chosen and is not one I’m familiar with (but then I wasn’t with Jenna Coleman or Karen Gillan either so nothing strange there)
My first impressions are good, it was a fun scene and it’s a nice change from the normal photocall and it’s always good to have more of Peter Capaldi.
Thankfully my twitter cull of the more rabid sections of fandom meant my feed was very pleasant though I understand from other followers that they didn’t disappoint along with the bigoted Daily Mail brigade (both depressingly predictable)
Anyway I’m suitability excited for Season 10 so it’s done it’s job for me

P.S – my series 9 blogs will continue now I have the dvd’s after I lost my sky+ recordings

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