The Next Showrunner


So it’s been announced that Steven Moffat is leaving after Series 10 which is being shown in Spring 2017 and he is being replaced by Chris Chibnall for Series 11 and there has been some predictable responses from certain sections of fandom. One twitter user tweeted a joke which perfectly sums it up ( How many fans does it take to change a light bulb?  – Thirteen, one to change it and twelve to say the last one was better)
I’ve enjoyed most of the Moffat era and I think Series 9 was one of the consistently strongest series in the shows long history and have high hopes for the next series.
Not showing it until Spring 2017 is a good thing I think, it means the Christmas special goes back to being the fun curtain raiser to a series rather than feeling like a bit of a comedown after a epic series finale. Also it takes the show out of being used in the ratings battle between  X Factor and Strictly and hopefully return the show to a earlier time slot.
As for Chris Chibnall I’ve enjoyed his stories he’s wrote in the past and I’m intrigued enough to see what he will do in charge, he certainly has a good track record on other shows.
Sadly I have a sneaky suspicion that Peter Capaldi will leave with Moffat which if correct I think will be a big shame.
Anyway we still have another Steven Moffat series to enjoy before the next change and I’m optimistic about the future especially as many feared the show would end with Stevens departure.
To quote the Mighty Tom “It’s the end but the moment’s been prepared for”

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