Series 9: Sleep No More


So we come to the much anticipated found footage episode of Doctor Who, now whilst it’s a concept that’s been done many times it’s a first for the show and it’s a good thing that a 52 year old show is willing to try different approaches.
Reese Shearsmith looks like he’s stepped straight out of Babylon 5 and gives his normal great performance convincing you he’s a coward until near the end with the final twist, this could almost have been a episode of Inside No 9.
The soldiers don’t really have a lot of character as they’re just there to be cannon fodder for the monsters who themselves look suitably grotesque, probably helped by not seeing them in daylight.
As I was watching the first time I would be thinking to myself that bits of it didn’t make sense so how wonderful for The Doctor to say the same and then we get that wonderful end scene as the real threat is revealed and we get to see Shearsmith character turn into sand.
Overall I enjoyed the episode and because of its nature it’s going to divide watchers but the show should always be applauded for trying new approaches when the easy option would be to give us another alien invasion story.

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