Series 9: The Zygon Invasion


So we come to what I think is one of my favourite stories since the show returned,  this series is really hitting the high notes and I really can’t understand why some fans are disliking it (apart from a desire to dislike it regardless)
We start with a quick recap of the Zygon subplot from the 50th anniversary and it’s nice to see it done slightly more inventively than a simple “Previously On” then we rattle straight into the story with poor old Osgood getting cornered.
It’s good to see the show doing a political thriller type story and the Zygon are perfect alien race for this story and it feels like a natural extension from their last two stories, the parallels between the Zygon and the real life scenario of extremism our world faces aren’t subtle but then they’re clearly not meant to be, the scenes with the Zygon turned against his will who just wanted a normal life is particularly effective and his subsequent suicide is a surprisingly adult moment for a family show.
Jenna Coleman puts in another great performance especially as Bonnie where she is able to convey some subtle differences. Sadly yet again Jemma Redgrave is still relatively underused but makes great contributions when necessary but I hope she gets a spotlight episode next year. Osgood is always good to watch as the character we’d all be in her position but personally I’m looking forward to her sixth Doctor cosplay!
Peter Capaldi started great back in Deep Breath and has continued to get better and better with each episode, anyone in doubt just watch that final ten minute scene with him lamenting war and remembering the effect it had on him, it’s so well written but could’ve gone so bad in the hands of a lesser actor.
I’ve rewatched the story twice already and it’s going to be considered a classic in the future I’m sure.

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