End of a era


So I’ve just finished watching the much delayed dvd of The Underwater Menace which barring any miracle discoveries looks like it will be the final old story release.
I’ve missed the dvd releases and realised that counting the video releases I’ve been collecting since the early nineties (bar those few presents I recieved during childhood )
Underwater Menace was gloriously camp and crazy full of great ideas not quite realised fully so in many ways the perfect Doctor Who story 🙂
It was so lovely to finally see Part 2 after only listening to it before. I always think that Troughton’s Doctor benefits enormously from being seen as so much of his performance is unspoken. Sadly it noe means bar one of those miracle discoveries I’ve now seen every existing episode again.
I also wanted to blog about the Restoration Team who’ve worked wonders restoring the stories. Just compare them to the ropey copies we had on video or even other old tv shows on dvd. Such care and love clearly put into the range.
In addition we have such a wonderful range of commentaries and documentaries with every major behind the scenes story covered and often talked about honestly and frankly by those involved. Unlike many other dvds (particularly new tv or movies) I often rewatch these along with the stpry when I pluck one of the shelf. I still hope that maybe in another ten or twenty years when enough time has passed we’ll get the 9th-12th Doctor’s stories treated in the same manner.
So with no more dvd’s to come perhaps I’ll turn my attention to the Big Finish cd’s, my need to collect has resurfaced.

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