Series 9: The Girl Who Died


So we reach the third story of the series although to be honest it feels like two stories with the same recurring character. Both are fun romps with some nice character moments. Peter Capaldi is clearly having fun in the role and it’s infectious.
Masie Williams also gives a great performance particularly in the second episode where she has more to do.
The Mire are forgettable but reasonably effective in the role they need to perform,  it was sad that Brian Blessed didn’t end up playing the leader as his replacement didn’t really work and the less said about the Monty Python Odin in the sky scene the better!
The reason for The Doctor choosing his face is a good enough one but maybe the real reason isn’t revealed yet. Maybe it was to remind him he can’t save everyone especially as it seems saving Ashlider is going to come back and cause him trouble. The flashback to Donna and Tennant was a nice moment, we forget the relaunch has been running for long enough to have it’s own sense of history.
The second episode is also a good romp but has a bit more depth to it particularly in the scenes between Capaldi and Williams looking at the downside of living forever and why The Doctor dosen’t travel alone, it’s a theme that’s been touched upon before both by RTD and Moffat and I have a feeling we’ll be coming back to it.
Again the villan is secondary to the story but is effective enough and looks good with a touch of Thrail about him and maybe the amulet opening to new dimensions is a way to bring Gallifrey back.
All in all whilst these episodes are slighter than the previous ones they’re still great and this series has yet to put a foot wrong.

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