Whoathon Complete


So with my blog about the opening Series 9 story since last Christmas I have watched all 815 episodes (or nearly watched in the case of the sixties recons) spanning 254 stories and I’m pleased to say it was a mostly pleasurable experience,  there were a few stories I didn’t care for but even in those stories there was always something to enjoy even if it was a piece of dialogue or a actors performance.
Doctor Who is a unique show in that it’s not one I normally rewatch in chronological order. I just pick a story at random normally and will switch Doctor’s depending on my mood and if you’ve not done so before I do recommend doing it at least once.
I found my opinions on certain stories changed particularly when the show kept to a style for a run of stories. For example Mind of Evil is a big favourite of mine but after 29 previous unit episodes I was hankering for a alien planet and didn’t enjoy it quite as much as normal,  On the other hand Colony in Space has never been a big favourite and I still don’t think it’s wonderful but I just loved getting onto a alien planet.
In closing I’m pleased to say Doctor Who is still my favourite show with each era having its high points and even bad Who is better than a lot of other stuff they put on the television.


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