Series 9: The Magician’s Apprentice


So after rewatching all 253 stories I now have a brand new one and it’s a cracker of a story. So if you’re one of the vocal minority who keeps banging on about how the show is failing and Moffat must go then I’d stop reading now!
Series 8 was wonderful and Peter Capaldi is a fantastic Doctor who I really love. In these episodes he’s just as excellent.  I didn’t even mind his entrance which on paper does sound a bit cringey.
The story starts with a typical Doctor saving a boy on a battlefield scene with those great hand things (brings back memories of the Trial 13 cliffhanger) untill he discovers it’s Davros and abandons him, we then spend the next 90 minutes sure that The Doctor is going to go back and kill him untill Moffat pulls that rug out from under us and proves the Capaldi Doctor is as compassionate as any of his predecessors.
We also get the return of the wonderful Missy, easily one of my favourite additions to the Who mythos. Her interactions with Clara are wonderful particularly in the second half and just when you thought she may be mellowing she’ll do something nasty and I do like those comic moments as they don’t feel forced ( according to her online q &a the Dalek tickle was her improvising  so perhaps that’s why)
The other main character is Davros at the end of his life and wow what a great performance. Seemingly at the end of his life he evokes sympathy and just as you watch thinking how sad and pathetic he’s become he shows his true colours proving it was all a act to lull both us and The Doctor in to prolonging his life and giving The Daleks more power.
Also love the idea of the geriatric Dalek mutants shoved in the sewers, Hope the Tories weren’t watching might give them ideas!
So all in all I loved the start of the series, it’s nice to have longer stories. I’ve always thought 90 minutes is the perfect length for a Who story and I’m glad we will be getting a few this year.


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