Series 8


So my complete rewatch ends with the first Peter Capaldi season. As will become evident I love the 12th Doctor and I’m hoping for a lengthy run.
Deep Breath kicks things off in style and we get the Vastra gang back which I suppose makes sense to give those viewers missing Matt something familiar while they acclimatise to a less user friendly Doctor.  The story itself is a good one with some lovely scenes especially the clara holding her breath scene. Not quite sure why Clara has a problem with him regenerating seeing as she’s been in his timeline meeting them all. Also it’s very believable he’s forgot parts of his past and is less human following his hundreds of years isolation in Time of the Doctor.
Into the Dalek is another excellent episode, nice to have a different spin on the Daleks and we get more examples of a Doctor more intrested in the big picture and less with people. The “top layer if you want to say a few words” line is one of my favourites.  The soldiers are good characters and The Doctor’s immediate dislike of soldiers seem a little out of place, maybe another aftereffect of his time on Tenzalore and obviously to set up the Danny Pink subplot.  It’s refreshing to see the whole of a relationship from start to finish.
Robots of Sherwood is next and I know a lot moan about it but I think it’s a lovely glorious fun story. The show needs variety  in tone and style or it just becomes boring. The Sheriff is wonderfully camp and the merry men are entertaining.
Listen is a story that has polarised fans but I love it, the idea of a invisible presence always with us is a excellent one, Moffat is slowly ticking off all our childhood fears. Also we meet a future Pink stuck at the end of the universe and little boy Pink completely linked to Clara, I enjoyed the slow burn nature of their relationship being played out too. The last scene is the one that gets all the Moffat haters foaming at the mouth as Clara appears to imprint on a young Doctor.  At the time I wondered if it was actually The Master she was talking to and as it’s never been explicitly stated who the boy was, suppose it still could be but even if it was The Doctor I don’t mind the scene.
Time Heist is next and it’s another fun romp, a good central story with a good mystery and clever resolution.  Keely Hawkes gives a good performance too and I like the two thief characters, this series is giving us some good supporting characters.
The Caretaker comes up next with The Doctor going undercover at a school and meeting Danny with the pair disliking each other. Danny’s reactions to discovering this feel very real and his observations on The Doctor aren’t far off the mark.
Kill the Moon is another that polarises fans, I do agree that the ending is a bit silly but the first part is good, the creatures are effective as is the threat and even the schoolgirl character isn’t annoying.
Mummy on the Orient Express is a highlight of the series, a very classic era feel to it and again a credible threat with a good resolution.  Someone on twitter observed about Frank Skinner’s characters that only The Doctor aknowledges or talks to him (only exception is The Captain but that’s  only when he’s also seeing the mummy) leading to the possibility that he was behind it and will be back soon.
Flatline follows and is another good story, again a good concept that’s creepy and well realised. The Boneless are a good new foe and the scenes of them are effective.
Forest of the Night is another people dislike but it’s a sweet story and again I like the concept behind it. The kids are a bit annoying but they’re meant to be. We also get some nice character moments for Clara and Danny.
The series concludes with Death in Heaven two parter and it’s so nice to have a longer story again. It’s a excellent story and a natural progression for The Cybermen to learn how to convert the dead with a little Tinelord help.  Missy is revealed to be The Master and I must admit I love her character,  it’s such a fun interpretation of the character and actually feels the closest to Delgado’s performances. They share that glee with killing and goading both their victims and their friend.  She also has great chemistry with Capaldi.
Danny’s sacrifice at the end is the perfect end to his story as he proves all his points about The Doctor.  As for the CyberBrig ending, yes it feels a bit crass but he was dead and it feels very Brigadierish that he would break the conditioning to save his daughter and kill the enemy who plagued him for years.
I’m including Last Christmas in with this blog as watching it feels like the epilogue of the Clara/ Danny story. The dream creatures are a good threat and even Santa makes sense once explained (must admit I groaned when the post credit scene appeared at the end of series 8 ) Again we have a good group of supporting characters. Clara’s story feels done,  how sad and fitting would it have been if the elderly Clara scenes had been their final ones.
So the complete rewatch is up to date and we head into uncharted waters with Series 9.

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