Series 7


I must confess that I haven’t really rewatched Series 7 since the dvd release as I wasn’t overly impressed at the time but in doing this rewatch I’ve enjoyed some stuff more than I thought.
Things begin with The Doctor, the Witch and the Wardrobe. It’s not a favourite of mine, it’s a silly insubstantial story that bores me (the worst crime a story can commit) with no decent supporting characters.
Asylum of the Daleks kicks things off properly and is a great episode,  seeing the new companion was a good surprise at the time and it still works, her fate as a Dalek is genuinely creepy. It’s great to see some of the older Daleks, pity we didn’t see more of them.
Dinosaurs on a Spaceship follows and whilst it’s quite a light story it has some good moments and Brian is one of my favourite new Who characters probably because he reminds me of my father. The end with The Doctor letting Solomon die seems a bit out of character but good to see him letting his anger out.
Town called Mercy is next and another average story but it rattles along quickly enough but just isn’t memorable for any reason good or bad.
Power of Three follows and this is a great episode, It’s a great idea to have a slow invasion that gets the human race complacent enough to then strike. We get the wonderful Brian back and there’s some great interplay between the main three cast.
Angels take Manhattan concludes the first half of the series and sees Amy and Rory’s departure and it makes little sense to be honest. The main story is fine and enjoyable and does something a bit different with the Weeping Angels, the idea of human battery farms is a creepy one that would’ve been nice to have had more time spent on it. Amy and Rory trapped in there may’ve been a good end for them and understandable why The Doctor couldn’t see them ever again but the reason we get is just silly and makes no sense. If the Doctor can’t return to New York’s past then fair enough but sure the whole planet isn’t out of bounds.
The Snowman gives us a second version of Clara and kills her too. We also get the Vastra crew back which feels predictable and Strax has now descended into a conplete buffon.  The plot is a good one, the sentient snow is well realised and the Great Intelligence makes a good foe.
Bells of St John kicks the second half of the series and we meet modern day Clara as the Great Intelligence harvests people through the wifi, least it’s abandoned the yeti. It’s another fair episode that rattles along.
Rings of Akhaten is next and I’m sorry but this is a terrible episode, It’s like a bad childrens tv show. A story I would happily never watch again.
Cold War follows and The Ice Warriors are back and watching in order it’s good to see them as it feels ages since the last time. The story is a good one too, a very literal base under siege story. I’d like to see them return in force.
Hide is next and it’s another corker. Two great supporting characters who are well rounded and engaging with some good story ideas too.
Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS is another one best forgotten, a good central idea let down by its realisation. Just boring.
The Crimson Horror is next and this one is barmy but enjoyable,  a typical Who story and we get a wonderful performance from Diana Rigg.
Nightmare in Silver follows and we get another Cyberstory, its nothing special and the children are awful, even Matt dosen’t seem at full strength here. It seems it’s hard to get a good Cyberman story in new Who.
Name of the Doctor concludes things and like some of the other Moffat stories it feels like a series of set pieces stiched together to tread water before the 50th. We also learn  the truth about Clara as she splinters through The Doctor’s  life to save him, something the Moffat haters moan endlessly about but she dosen’t think she’ll survive and willingly gives up her life for the Doctor.
So on reflection Series 7 was more hit and miss than other series but when it worked it was wonderful and Matt manages to keep my intrest even when the stories don’t.  I certainly enjoyed it more on this rewatch.

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