Series 6


So some leave from work and regularly scheduled insomnia means I’ve rattled through Series 6, this carries on I may catch up in time for Series 9.
I really enjoyed Series 5 on rewatch so was quite looking forward to Series 6 and it didn’t disappoint.
Christmas Carol kicked things off and like Russell before him Steven Moffat’s first Christmas special is his best. While the story  isn’t orginal (recommend seeking out Moffat’s short story Continuity Errors) it’s done so well and Michael Gambon is excellent and it looks wonderful.
The series kicks off properly with The Impossible Astronaut 2 parter and we get the Doctor’s death as a subplot that will thread through the series. The actual story is a good one, The Silence are wonderfully creepy and the premise of the child is intriguing on first watch and everything makes sense on rewatching with your foreknowledge.  One thing that stood out however was The Doctor starting to regenerate when he’s later meant to be the last (there’s also a line in Kill Hitler about the poison preventing regeneration), I know it’s because of real life reasons during the 50th (War Dr created when Chris pulled out) but when rewatching it sticks out fictionally.
Curse of Black Spot comes next and it’s enjoyable enough with some good moments but it’s a story that becomes a bit forgettable after.
The Doctor’s Wife is a lovely story. The Doctor finally gets to talk with his TARDIS, it sounds silly until you watch it. House is a good concept too, poor old Rory gets put through the wringer again. Also I love the TARDIS’ line to The Doctor when he complains about her never getting him where he wants “but I took you where you needed to go”
The Almost People 2 parter is next and this is a favourite of mine, we get a classic era vibe base under siege story as a new species  emerges, there’s a good moral dilemma underpinning it and like the Silurian story from the last series shows humanity at its worst dealing with age old prejudices coming to the surface. This is a story that always bears up to reviewing.
Good Man Goes to War is next and we learn the truth about River Song. The story is a bit style over substance more concerned with advancing the overarching subplots amid a few set pieces. We meet some new “old” friends of The Doctor all of whom are ok in this story even Strax who isn’t quite the comic relief buffon he becomes.
Let’s Kill Hitler follows and really it feels like a Part 2 (I suppose if the series had aired continuously it may’ve been presented that way) and like it’s predecessor it isn’t really a story in itself as we meet the newly regenerated River who’s programming kicks in to kill The Doctor. Unfortunately this is where things fall apart for me, Amy and Rory just accept the loss of their child and what’s going to happen to her. If the show  wants to show emotional stories then you need to follow things through properly.
Night Terrors follows and it’s a bit of a boring one, the only good bit was the transformation into the dolls. Definitely one to forget.
Girl Who Waited thankfully is wonderful and a highlight of the series. The idea of the diseased living their lives in peace is nice and the scenes with old  Amy are great, here we have emotional impact and Rory’s pain feels real too.
God Complex is also a nice story with typical Who melding of the ordinary with the extraordinary. The characters are all well rounded and there’s a good idea behind the story.
Closing Time follows and we get Craig and The Cybermen.  It’s a nice story with some amusing bits mostly involving the baby and The Cybermen are actually creepy for once, this type of smaller scale story works for them.
Wedding of River Song wraps things up explaining The Doctor’s death. The way  out for The Doctor seems obvious (it was that or a flesh avatar) but I like those early scenes of the mashed up Earth and it’s good to see Churchill again. I’m glad they kept it to a single episode.
Overall this series was another good one, there’s quite a few excellent stories there and I enjoyed the rewatch.

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