Series 5


So we reach the first real test of New Who with a new showrunner and a new Doctor replacing one of the most popular Doctor’s and fortunately it passes with flying colours.
The Eleventh Hour is just wonderful.  It hits the ground running and Matt Smith owns the screen from the word go with those great scenes with the young Amelia, I like the idea of someone knowing The Doctor throughout their lives. The cracks in the wall and Prisoner Zero plots are good too with the new Doctor having to combat the threats with just his wits. I like Amy too, you can see why The Doctor chooses her.
The Beast Below gives Amy her first trip and it’s probably the first Moffat script that dosen’t feel like a instant classic but that dosen’t mean it’s bad. Amy proves her worth here and there’s some nice moral dilemmas here.
Victory of the Daleks follows and it’s another story given a bad rep by fans because of the bulky and silly new Daleks but the actual story isn’t that bad and they’re clearly channeling Power of the Daleks in the first half. Churchill’s interactions with the Doctor are great too.
Time of Angels 2 parter follows and it’s another story I enjoyed. The Weeping Angels are a good threat and it’s also good to see River Song back. There are some lovely creepy moments particularly with Soldier Bob.
Vampires of Venice comes next and we get Rory back with a classic series feel monster story and it’s a typical Who concept of aliens as vampires. It looks beautiful too, another good use of a foreign location.
Amy’s Choice is a great story too and again we have a good concept with the nature of dreams explored and we get homicidal pensioners which is my favourite bit. It’s good to see Amy chosing Rory over The Doctor too, a nice inversion of the Tennant companions.
The Hungry Earth 2 parter is next and we get The Silurians back, they look great and it’s a good tight story exploring many of the same themes as in their first story with humans once again showing their worst side when dealing with the unknown. Really it’s any wonder The Doctor likes us!
Vincent and the Doctor is next and is easily one of the high points of the series. The monster is incidental to the very human struggle of one man grappling with his own mind. The end scenes with Vincent in the art gallery are genuinely moving. Perhaps I’ve answered my own question from the last story of why the Doctor bothers with us.
The Lodger comes next and it’s a lovely light and frothy story (nothing wrong with that) as The Doctor tries to live a normal life, there are some good funny moments that don’t feel forced. Again the threat is incidental and easily dealt with.
The series concludes with The Pandorica Opens 2 parter and it’s a blockbuster style story with a lot thrown in as the subplot of the cracks in time get resolved and everything gets reset to how it was at the start of the series. The scene with the Cyberman trying to grab Amy is the best they’ve been used since the relaunch, River feels a bit superfluous to this episode but the scenes with her are fun and the idea of Amy bringing the Doctor back through remembered stories is very appropriate for the fairytale feel of this series.
All in all this soft reboot has to be seen as a success,  something I felt back in 2010 and still feel now.

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