Series 4


So we’ve reached the wonderful 4th series and as I explained in my last blog I didn’t watch the last half properly on orginal transmission and it would be the dvd boxset later in the year before I gave it my full attention and it’s a cracker of a series.
Voyage of the Damned is the prelude and we get Kylie as the companion and she isn’t too bad. The story is also a good romp, a nice homage to disaster movies and the Host are a nice nod to the Voc Robots.
I should also mention Time Crash with the lovely meeting between Tennant and Peter Davison, nice to see him getting a bit of love.
The series starts properly with Partners in Crime, another light hearted romp that brings back the wonderful Donna. It’s nice to have a companion that isn’t in love with The Doctor. Donna feels like a breath of fresh air.
Fires of Pompeii is next and this is a wonderful story full of great characters and a cracking story with some great moral dilemmas. Donna’s reactions are completely believable and her insistence to save the family is also very real.
Planet of the Ood follows and gives us some depth to the Ood. Again Donna’s reactions feel real as we learn about the Ood. The scene with the Ood transformation is suitably creepy too.
The Sontaran Stratagem 2 parter sees the return of Martha and The Sontarans and it’s a lovely romp. The Sontarans are suitably menacing and it’s nice to have UNIT back for a story and it’s a shame they couldn’t have squeezed at least a cameo from The Brigadier into it.
The Doctor’s Daughter comes next and while it’s not the best of the series it’s not terrible. Jenny isn’t that good a character and it’s a wasted opportunity not to have more of The Doctor dealing with a family,  the few scenes where he talks about his family are easily the best bits.
The Unicorn and the Wasp is another fun romp of a story and again it’s very enjoyable. Marple gets added to the list of homages the show has done and the episode is a good counterpoint to the darker stories.
Silence in the Library 2 parter sees the debut of River Song in a fantastic and creepy story. Having made us fear statues Steven Moffat wants to scare us of the dark. The idea of the library being infested from creatures who come from tree spores is a brilliant one.  River is a character I like in this and the idea that The Doctor’s first meeting with someone so important to him is their last day is a bittersweet one and it seems a pity it’s never really touched on properly in Matt’s time.
Midnight follows and this is one of my favourites, such a simple concept but done so well. All the actors give great performances.
Turn Left gives us a parallel universe with Donna never meeting The Doctor who ends up dead meaning everything from s3 onwards happened differently(though I wonder who stopped the Carronites from using Shakespeare!  ) The story itself is another good one and scarily rings true in the latter scenes with the forced relocations. We get Rose back too and she’s a lot less annoying now.
Thinks conclude with Stolen Earth 2 parter and it’s a wonderful action story with everyone coming back to fight The Daleks. The story rattles along so fast you just get caught up in it and before you realise it’s over. It’s lovely to see all the companions again and whilst the idea of the TARDIS flying the Earth home is silly I do like the scenes of everyone inside, as Sarah says to him he has a big family!
We get some good resolutions for Mickey and Martha, I wonder if they were planned to move over to Torchwood if there’d been a full third series.
Rose’s story ends with her getting her own human doctor (I did read a fan theory that he grows old and becomes the Peter Cushing human inventor Doctor from the sixties movies which is a fun concept that made me chuckle)
The end of Donna’s time as a companion is far more emotional than anything involving Rose. She was his perfect companion in many ways and her “death” is so sad as we see her forget everything that made her great. A fate worse than death in many ways and a sombre bit fitting end to the series.

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