My Father

Whilst writing these blogs about Dr Who I’ve mentioned parts of my life relating to the relevant seasons. I’m rewatching Series 4 of the relaunch at the moment and was going to address some real life elements but realised it may take its own blog so feel free to skip this one!
I’ve talked before about my father having got me watching the show at a very young age and I’m sure I mentioned other related stories concerning him.
I also mentioned that I divorced in 2005 and had a young daughter who would stay with me regularly including my weekends off so my Dad would also visit to see us both for Sunday lunch and as part of this we would watch the latest Dr Who episode almost like coming full circle.
The Doctor’s Daughter would be the last time we did this. Shortly after this my Dad had a fall and suffered the first brain bleed. He was admitted to hospital where he got progressively worse suffering several more brain hemorrhages. The final one left him  catatonic and he was declared brain dead and the decision to turn the life support off was made and he passed away on 25 June 2008 at the (too young) age of 57.
Through those six weeks or so he was in hospital were easily the roughest of my life as he had no partner and my sister had to keep going back and forth to London because of her job, I was forever dreading every phone call.
Fortunately I had a great housemate who made sure I ate and looked after myself. Saturday nights she would put the latest Dr Who on (maintaining I had to do some normal things) but to be honest I couldn’t have told you anything about them after and when I eventually watched the boxset it was like watching a new series
It still feels strange to not have him around to chat about the latest episode or to sit and watch a good comedy series with (our other joint love)
Sorry to have droned on but I didn’t want to pass Series 4 without sharing this and remembering him.

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