Series 3


So after a weaker second series we head into a much improved third series and I know this isn’t a popular view but Martha is my favourite new series companion,  I just wish they didn’t saddle her with a “being in love with the Doctor” subplot as all that does is invite (negative) comparisons with Rose.
Before that though we get The Runaway Bride with the wonderful Donna. It’s a good story and Donna feels very believable as a character who’s too wrapped up in herself to notice what’s happening around her. The Racnoss looks great too and the plot is a good one.
The series kicks off properly with Smith and Jones, a nice light and frothy story that lets us meet Martha and her family. It’s good to see The Doctor just nosing around like the old days. The Judoon are a great addition too.
The Shakespeare Code follows and is a story I love, the Carronites are realised well and in typical Who style we get a explanation of what witches are. Shakespeare is the star of this and is realised very well, shame he didn’t show up again. It was great to see Martha’s wonder and joy at being in the past. A good reason to change the companion regularly I suppose.
Gridlock is next and is one I watched a lot as it was one of my daughter’s favourites and fortunately I quite liked it, a good end to the New Earth trilogy and yet again a lovely central idea and we even get some macra thrown in for good  measure. The end scene with The Doctor confessing he lied so he could pretend the timelords weren’t dead is also a lovely moment as the freed motorists sing.
Evolution of the Daleks 2 parter comes next and this one is generally looked down on by a lot of fans but I think it’s enjoyable and it’s refreshing to have a Dalek story that’s not a big finale. The human Dalek hybrid looks a bit silly but is a intresting concept and is at least trying to do something a bit different with the Daleks.
Lazarus Experiment is another one that feels slight but rattles along with a good performance from Mark Gattis and it’s good to get to know Martha’s family a bit more.
42 is probably the weakest of the series and certainly one I haven’t revisited much since. There’s not much substance to the characters or story to be honest and it starts to bore me (which as I’ve mentioned before is the worst thing a story can do)
Human Nature 2 parter is far from boring, easily one of the show’s high points from its whole 50+ years. Tennant shows what a good actor he is by giving a completely distinct performance as John Smith. The Family are great villans and the scarecrows are good monsters. Theres not one thing wrong with this story and it’s one that will never feel old when being rewatched.
Blink continues the high quality trend with a fascinating story where you never notice The Doctor’s absence as he still seems integral to the story. Sally Sparrow makes a great lead character and like Donna and Martha before her has beliveable reactions to what’s happening. The Weeping Angels look suitably scary and their way of killing is certainly unique. (Their second best apperance is in the recent 10th Doctor comic)
The series concludes with the first 3 parter of the new series and it’s a corker. Derek Jacobi gives a great performance as Yana and The Master. The last 15 minutes of Utopia is just wonderful and back in 2007 had me completely entranced.  We then get John Simms wonderful interpretation of The Master who’s clearly gone insane but is a complete joy to watch, he steals every scene he’s in as he uses the last of future humanity to destroy the present.
The final episode is a bit of a letdown with the silly Dobby Doctor and the power of prayer rejuvenating the Doctor ending but theres some good Dr/Master scenes and Martha is great as she carries most of the episode. It’s such a shame she’s written out at the end but it’s a very Martha thing to do to leave to care for her family.
Overall I enjoyed rewatching this series much more than the last one.

2 thoughts on “Series 3

  1. I agree, Martha is a great character and would have been so much better without the romance storyline. I didn’t like her at all when I first watched S3 but on rewatch I saw how smart and brave and funny she can be when not mooning and really enjoyed her.
    I read that Russell had planned to write ANOTHER romantic storyline with the S4 companion before he got Catherine Tate and I’m so glad that didn’t happen!

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