Series 2


So after the too brief Ninth Doctor era we reach the era that has probably brought the most new fans into the show. I must confess that back in 2006 I didn’t feel this series measured up to the previous one and have only rewatched a few of the stories in isolation. Don’t get me wrong I liked David Tennant’s Doctor but did find Rose more annoying so I was very intrested to rewatch them all.
My daughter was 6 when they aired and she actively wanted to watch them. She made me rewatch Tooth &  Claw and Fireplace a lot, so much that I realise how my Dad must’ve felt back when I made him constantly rehire Pyramids of Mars!
Christmas Invasion kicks things off and this is wonderful,  great to see the effects of regeneration on the companion dealt with and the hand/regeneration energy scene even explains Romana trying her bodies on!
The Sycrorax are a good monster and the build up to Tennant’s entrance is handled very well.
Into the series properly and New Earth is enjoyable enough but nothing special and ultimately forgettable though the idea of the disease cure is a good one.
Tooth and Claw is a good story, it’s fast paced with a good monster and a fine supporting cast, lots of good imagery. At least my daughter chose a good one to keep watching!
School Reunion isn’t the best story but it’s great to see Sarah Jane back and her scenes are the highlights, again nice to see the show exploring the aftermath of meeting The Doctor and K9 is always fun.
Girl in the Fireplace is wonderful. The idea of the robots mending the ship with human body parts is a great macabre Who idea that feels very Robert Holmes. The relationship between The Doctor and Madame de Pompador seems so much more real and touching than of that with Rose.
Rise of the Cybermen two parter is another story that just stays on the good side of average. That said updating the origin to a society ruled by technology and taking it over is good.
Idiots Lantern is the second Gattis script and sadly dosen’t match his first. Again it’s not a bad story but it never rises aboce average.
Fortunately we get The Satan Pit two parter next and this is one that I love. A great base under siege story with great characters and a credible threat with a properly thought out resolution.  The Ood look great too. All the actors give good performances too. Easily the highlight of the series.
Now Love & Monsters is next and this is one most fans despise and I’ll admit to not thinking much of it on first viewing but it has some good points. The group coming together and beconing friends is sweet and the scenes with Jackie are wonderful, again showing the flipside of The Doctor taking a companion away. As for Victor taking the group over well I watched it thinking of a fair few so called fans on twitter! 🙂  A lot of fans also take issue with the paving slab ending saying The Doctor wouldn’t be that cruel but we only see the back on Elton’s tape so I think he’s imagining it, probably suffering a nervous breakdown after losing his friends.
Fear Her is next and sadly it’s a bit boring though again there’s a good idea there and some nice interplay between the characters.
Doomsday rounds things off and it’s another enjoyable story but a bit of a continuity fest. The Cyber-Dalek battle idea is pure fan fic though I’m surprised they never done it before. Rose’s story ends the only way it could short of death but I’m more sorry to see Jackie go, I liked the Part 1 scenes with her and The Doctor.
So on rewatch I enjoyed it more than I thought I would but still feel it’s a very average series but least this time I know there’s better to come…

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