Series 1


I wrote a blog post back in March on the tenth anniversary of the relaunch about the show’s return. To summarise for the benefit of newer readers between 1996 and 2005 I’d got married and had a daughter and was about to not be married when the show returned.
Just as I’d watched my first shows with my Dad I now was able to watch with my daughter.  She was 5 at the time and thankfully enjoyed it as did I.
Russell T Davies relaunched the show perfectly not making any of the mistakes that the 1996 movie did. The story is told completely from Rose’s point of view, we meet aliens, the Doctor and the TARDIS exterior then interior when she does and we learn about The Doctor when she does. The story isn’t the most complex but it does exactly what it needs to and is a very effective pilot. I loved it at the time and always enjoy rewatching it.
End of the World follows with a full menagerie of aliens showing exactly what we could expect. A very brave move to do for the second episode. It’s a great story  with Douglas Adams influences and Cassandra’s a character that makes me smile.
Unquiet Dead sees the first foray into the past and the “celebrity historical” as they’ve become known. Mark Gattis writes a wonderful traditional Who story and gives a cracker of a precredit scene. Simon Callow is brilliant as Dickens.
Next up is the Aliens of London 2 parter and I wasn’t keen on it at the time but upon reflection it’s quite a nice little story but ruined by the overuse of the farting aliens scenes. Also it’s good to see the after effects on the people that the companion leaves behind and the mistrust they’d have for The Doctor.
Dalek is next and it’s just sublime and I’m not sure the show has made a better Dalek story since. It shows what a menace they are as it single handily kills everyone only stopped because of Rose humanising it. A perfect 45 minutes of Dr Who.
The Long Game is enjoyable enough but feels like filler (at least untill the end of the series) and just feels average, thankfully they get rid of Adam too!
Fathers Day is another magnificent story, let’s face it with access to a TARDIS we’d all want to go back and see those loved ones we’ve lost. Paul Cornell packs his script with great charactisation that always feels real.
The Empty Child 2 parter is next and is our first sample of Steven Moffat and what a fantastic story. Great imagery and a creepy threat. Captain Jack debuts too and works well in this story, nice to have some new elements with time agents in place now there’s no-one to stop people meddling.
Boomtown brings one of the Slitheen back in a nice character study of The Doctor’s methods and his reluctance to face up to any consequences,  a vastly underrated story.
The series and Chris Eccleston’s time conclude with Parting of the Ways as The Daleks are back in force. It’s another great story and I’m sure it won’t be long before we’re watching reality tv where people end up dead! Chris is brilliant in this, jist watch his performance when he thinks Rose is dead or as he leans against TARDIS doors after the confrontation with the Emperor Dalek. The regeneration scene is great too, for once The Doctor tries to prepare the companion.
The Eccleston era is too short but is wonderful and we owe him as much as we do Russell, in the hands of a lesser actor the show may not have connected with the audience.


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