Season 25


The show’s 25th Anniversary celebrations were very subdued compared to the 20th reflecting how little the then bbc management thought of it. That’s a shame because it’s a good season and could’ve been  a big success.
Remembrance of the Daleks kicks things off in style. Sylvester has completely settled in to the role and his relationship with Ace is a good one. Everything gells and the Daleks feel threatening for the first time in a while. Every performance is excellent and the direction is topnotch.
The Happiness Patrol follows and it’s another story I like that many fans don’t, probably because they can’t get past the Kandyman’s apperance. It’s a wonderfully dark story with a great performance from Sheila Hancock at its heart.
Silver Nemesis is probably the weakest story of the bunch but it’s not terrible, I quite like the Pentforte character but sadly The Cybermen could just be any random monster and as such are easily dispatched when necessary.
Greatest Show finishes the season and is another great story full of great characters deliberately presented as the caricatures they are. The idea of bored gods making people amuse them is a nice twist on the usual marauding alien menace.
In each story The Doctor has deliberately visited each place with the intention of destroying and sorting out menaces, it’s a approach far removed from the aimless wandering of the sixties stories but I like it.

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