Season 24


I have to confess that back in 1987 I really wanted to dislike Season 24 and Sylvester McCoy purely because I thought Colin’s sacking was terrible.
Time and the Rani did nothing to change my mind. I hated it at the time and didn’t think it had any redeeming qualities. I didn’t watch it again untill the mid nineties when the vhs was released and I found it reasonably enjoyable. Whilst it’s never going to be hailed as a classic it’s never boring and makes me laugh in places. The effects are good and Kate O’Mara is glouriously camp.
I did decide to stick with the show and thankfully Paradise Towers came along. A wonderful script with some good performances.  Sylvester had won me over by the end of this story, he’s another of the overlooked and underrated Doctors despite his era forward echoing the Russell T Davies era.
Delta and the Bannermen is just wonderful, a beautiful story that could happily sit in modern Who. Don Henderson is great and so surprising that he hadn’t cropped up before.  Dragonfire rounds things off and feels like a very traditional style Who story but the idea of a villan plotting universal domination and killing people by freezing them whilst running Iceland! We also get the introduction of Ace(very much a Rose prototype) making the companion very much a joint lead in a way they hadn’t been for quite a while. She makes a immediate impression and at the time gave us a lot of hope for the next series.

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