Season 23


Onto the second and (sadly) final Colin Baker season.  After a long wait it was so good to have the show back. By this time I had just started comprehensive school so it was nice to have something familiar to watch and the one benefit of a shorter season was my Dad’s two blank tape allowance meant I could tape all of it. I even got good at editing the episode endings together! (Heresy now I know )
So we get a 14 part story which is a possible deterrent to building ratings in a year when this would be a important factor but I loved every episode and not once was I bored.
Rewatching now I still love it. Wisely it seems there has been some time since the last season and we have a calmer relationship between The Doctor and Peri, still with banter but it’s not hateful.  (In my personal canon season 22 happens in quick succession immediately after the troublesome regeneration)
The Ravalox segment is a good story and Robert Holmes gives us some good characters and concepts, the constant Trial interruptions do become a bit weary as they’re not always adding something worthwhile, perhaps it would’ve worked better just as a framing sequence letting us see the  complete adventure.
Then we travel to Thoros Beta and we get the wonderful Sil back along with others of his race, a mad warrior King and a Doctor going bad. Here the trial interruptions are necessary as we get involved in the subplot of tampered evidence and the timelord interference at its conclusion.  Those final scenes with the possessed Peri are still amazing and chilling, such a shame they retconned it.
Then the Doctor defends himself showing his battle with The Vervoids aided by a future companion. I like Mel in this story, she is energetic and intelligent and works well with The Doctor. The story itself is enjoyable and the concept of the Vervoids is a good one.
Everything concludes with the reveal of The Valeyard being a evil version from between the 12th and final regeneration (so born just after Tennant’s  “I don’t wanna go” ) and a battle in the matrix. We get The Master turning up winding everyone up which works well and is in character. These final two episodes are great and considering the behind the scenes problems it all works well.
Sadly Colin’s Doctor is cut far too short just as he’s getting into his stride, I think even just one more season could’ve really cemented his Doctor in the public’s mind. Those who dismiss his era need to forget other opinions and sit down with a open mind and watch it from start to finish.

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