Season 22


Christmas 1984 saw my Dad buy a video recorder so Season 22 was the first time I could tape the show. Blank videos weren’t cheap so I was only allowed two 3 hour tapes. I taped the first two stories on one and taped Rani on second but realised 2 drs wouldn’t fit so  taped over it. Timelash I gave a miss but wanted the Dalek story so taped over Varos. Those three stories got watched continually (only replaced by the few videos available to rent )
I was near enough 10 at their time of broadcast and I loved the season, the violence never worried me and certainly didn’t make me violent! Watching again I’m still not sure it’s a problem.  The only slight jarring moments are when The Doctor makes Bond style quips after people die, they feel out of place even for Colin’s Doctor.
The 45 minute episode format works for the stories allowing the characters to breathe. A pity we didn’t get more and maybe a few one episode stories.
Attack of the Cybermen is a good start to the season. The continuity obsession is reaching it’s height here and isn’t necessary.  The story could still have been told without it. Colin has quickly settled into the role and engages the viewer. The guest cast are good too.
Vengeance on Varos is next, a story with themes still relevant today and a beliveable society with Sil being the best villan the show produced in the 80’s and he’s so brilliantly played by Nabil Shaban.
Mark of the Rani follows and is a more traditional story.  The Rani’s a intresting character presented as amoral rather than evil. Sadly The Master is back to being a pantomine villan and completely unnecessary to the story. The location is great making it all look good even including the plastic tree!
The Two Doctors is a big favourite of mine. The three episodes gives both Doctor’s time to shine. The story is a typical Robert Holmes story full of great characters and some great lines. The direction isn’t as dynamic as it could be but that doesn’t stop my enjoyment one bit.
Timelash follows, another story with a lower fan opinion than deserved. It’s never boring,  both Colin and Paul Darrow are a joy to watch and The Borad looks great and is played wonderfully. Pity there’s a load of silly TARDIS arguing scenes,  perhaps this would’ve made a good one parter!
Revelation of the Daleks ends things in style. It’s a wonderful dark story full of black humour with  great and believable characters. There’s no fault to be found here, everything just gells.
The season as a whole is so underrated and I wish more fans would ignore perceived wisdom and watch the stories with a open mind.

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